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            The vote4josh and josh4_1st V.P. committees welcome you all to this site.  Our aim, like our site, is pretty simple; to help a brother and a friend Josh into being the 1st Vice President of KSU 2003-2004.

            Joshua Kwabna Odoi  affectionately called Josh is 22 years old junior in our prestigious Kentucky State Unversity, where he is dually majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics.  He is also a honor Student in the Whitney Young Liberal Art and Leadership College.

            Being the first born of four,  Josh has since childhood been a naturally born leader.  Thanks to early Godly naturing his parents, the Rev and Mrs. George Odoi gave Josh has evolved to into true leader.  His the six grade teacher realizing his natural ability to organize and lead his peers nominated him for the position of vice president of that class.  He was elected and at that tender age was able to leave mark amongst his peers.  He held this position along side the assistant sports prefect of his entire Middle School.  He moved on to Presbyterian Boys' Senior Secondary School where he excelled in sports and academics. At his boarding high school Josh was involved in many activities including the soccer team, track team, technical head of the school's Entertainment committee,  a member of the a powerful SGA and second year Class President.  He performed all his duties to satisfactions of peers.

               He moved on to KSU as his first choice school. He has been passionate about this school since he step foot in it. And he is now asking you for your vote in this upcoming election. He is an excellent student who has featured on the KSU deans list since his first semester.  He was chosen along side Anessa Blackman (SGA President 2001-02), among others to represent our unique university in model United Nation Summit in Daytona, Florida.  

                  Josh is member of the BSU.  He is a strong Christian by faith. Nevertheless he has close association and great friendship with people of different faiths.  Josh is also the Membership committee chair for the NAACP.                   

                  Josh is an member of International Student Association.  He has very diversified in lifestyle.  He is widely traveled.  Swiss land, Senegal, The Gambia, Italy, Belgium just to name a few.  He is affluent in four languages, French inclusive. He has greater respect for diversity the strength of KSU.  He is very much prepared for our diversely viewed senate.   He has great plans for the senate of he would chair if you vote him to power.

                  His position is clear on this campaign. He stands for the empowerment of the Student, he stands for student first in all issues brought the Senate, He stand for you.

                   He believes school are great, greater, the greatest through it students.  He is of the view that the baton has been passed and it our duty to keep the pace and even if possible take it another level.  

                   B y empowering the student he means he is ready tom organ                              


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